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The rental market is growing. Renting or leasing proves to be a wise choice for many responsible long term renters. In response, more people are choosing to invest their capital in income properties that, well managed, provide stable returns. Potential renters are often savvy, well educated and financially secure, looking for a fairly priced, well maintained place to call home.

What We Offer
Leading edge property management software, direct Internet connectivity and an exceptionally cool web page, we are able to attract the best of the best and rent your property efficiently and effectively.

Our on-line services allow us instant access to credit history and criminal background checks.

Because we ask for and command premium rental rates for your home, we can more than compensate for the cost of professional management and provide a premium service to you and your tenant.

With 24 hour emergency response, and friendly, licensed and bonded maintenance personnel we can provide a level of service that promotes good stewardship and facilitates excellent resident retention.

With many absentee owners, we create a climate of personal freedom and mobility that allows property owners to freely pursue their own success and fulfillment while we build the equity in their investment.

Every month our experienced accounting staff collects the rent, pays the mortgage, utility and repair bills and produces a monthly income and expense activity report that can be down loaded via fax modem, Internet access or receive in the mail.

The Myth of Self Management
Although self management can seem attractive at first, most property owners can find themselves quickly overwhelmed. Restricted and challenged by the demands of managing a rental property.

Property owners, often unable to separate themselves from the one to one relationship of securing a renter can create circumstances that are personally draining, financially unstable and principally compromising.

The self managed property owner often finds himself in a situation in which he has very little understanding of the Landlord Tenant Act and the daunting legal aspects of managing a rental property.
Because self managed properties often charge lower rent and have less of an investment base with which to make improvements, they run the risk of being under maintained, losing the more attractive renters to professionally maintained properties. (Not to mention the legal ramifications of deferred maintenance.)

The myth is that self management is less expensive than professional management. The truth is that more often than not, the net result is much greater with a professional company managing your property. The myth is that a professional company doesn't care as much as you do about your property. With Chuckanut Property Management, nothing could be further from the truth.
Property owners require quality individuals that will maintain the integrity of the property, pay the rent on time and contribute good will throughout the community.

In today's fast paced economy, renters and property owners alike understand the peace of mind and
freedom that an excellent property management company can provide. The highest return your property deserves.
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